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Here we galvanize steel so it lasts a century, in facilities with minimal environmental impact. Here we modernize irrigation to feed a growing population. We harden the electrical grid to deliver reliable power to millions of homes around the world. We enable and enhance connectivity in remote and urban locations with smart technology. Are you ready to move the world forward? Then you’re ready to join the modern workforce.


Start your future and move the world forward.

Skilled Trade

The modern workforce needs skilled labor and general labor to keep the world moving forward. Got skills? Excellent — our training and educational programs can help you improve. Learning skills? Valmont will help you develop. Simply looking for straightforward production work? We’ll start you there — and if later you decide you’d like to advance, we’ll help you see how far you can go. Learn More

Early Career

Begin your career with a company that wants you to shine and discover what you’re capable of. You’ve already come so far — we’ll help you develop new skills and take your talents to the next level. We’re moving the world forward. We’d love to bring you with us. Learn More


Are you enrolled in a degree program currently? Are you looking for opportunities to apply classroom theory to actual projects? You can't do better than a global company moving the world forward, every day. Learn More


With Better Opportunities Come Better Benefits.* Let’s start with the big ones — full benefits within 30 days, health insurance, paid time off and a 401(k).


We want you to be the best version of yourself, then keep getting better — internally we offer leadership and development opportunities, as well as apprenticeships and training related to your trade. We even offer to reimburse you for tuition or trade certification training.


We get things done. We set goals and accomplish them, together. In a culture that respects hard work, honors diversity and focuses on creating the world of tomorrow, your voice will be heard. That’s the modern workforce.


Here your work can have a global impact, and you will find opportunities to engage with our diverse workforce in over 100 countries where we do business, in 85 manufacturing facilities around the world. Or, you may discover common ground in Employee Resource Groups.

*Due to the nature of Valmont’s global business and union contracts, not all benefits are the same




Signs. Lighting, noise control, safety components for roadways or mass transit — our modern workforce connects people by developing safer, more efficient solutions.

Potential Jobs:

Smart Infrastructure Software Solution Engineer, Welder, General Labor, Associate Engineer, Project Manager


Innovative tower designs. 5G connectivity. Poles that carry wireless telecommunications and improve security — our modern workforce bridges the digital divide and keeps communities connected, worldwide.

Potential Jobs:

Software Development, Installation and Maintenance, Warehouse Associate, Database Engineer


Delivering custom-engineered transmission towers. Designing resilient power grids, from source to end user — our modern workforce is here to provide real-world solutions to mitigate age and environmental impact.

Potential Jobs:

Structural Engineer, Welder, Material Controller, Warehouse Associate


Galvanizing and coatings that strengthen, improve resiliency and aesthetics, even increase the life of products, sometimes up to a hundred years — our modern workforce is highly skilled.

Potential Jobs:

Production Supervisor, General Labor, Quality Inspector, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator


Engineering reliable solar trackers — our modern workforce creates renewable solutions, committed to a sustainable future.

Potential Jobs:

Application Engineer, Project Field Technician, Mechanical Engineer, Sales Manager


Increasing land productivity, and conserving water while doing it — our modern workforce is meeting the demands of a growing population, efficiently.

Potential Jobs:

Manufacturing Engineer, Electrical Assembler, Welding Material Handler, Mechanic, Shipper

Ag Tech

Helping growers collect, digitize and analyze big data — our modern workforce is helping farmers better optimize and control production, sustainably.

Potential Jobs:

Senior IT Specialist, Mechanical Design Engineer, Electronic Technician

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