Galvanizing General Labor Days in Sioux City at Valmont Careers

Date Posted: 9/21/2022

Job Snapshot

Job Description

2301 Bridgeport Drive Sioux City Iowa 51111-1001

Why Valmont

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A Brief Summary of This Position

This is an individual contributor position responsible for preparing products and materials for the galvanizing process by hanging angle on spreader bars, staging tubular products, and preparing small parts for galvanizing.  The Material Handler will also be responsible for inspecting and identifying production fixtures, chains, and hooks to ensure proper repair or discarding of unsafe items.  Incumbent will also hand wire small to medium sized parts to racks for pickling or galvanizing, pull and place chains and ropes around steel bundles for racking, and move pieces of steel by hand from different locations in the plant and yard.  The Material Handler also performs paddling functions to enhance the quality level of the various galvanized products using air guns to blow off zinc needles.  Additional duties include using air or electric powered tools to help prepare steel for pickling or galvanizing, assisting in general plant clean up and housekeeping, and working safely with the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which includes the ability to complete a respirator fit test per OSHA standards which requires candidate/incumbent to trim or remove facial hair that interferes with the seal of the respirator.

Essential Functions

•Inspect and ensure the safe use and disposition of production fixtures, chains and hooks

•Hand wire small to medium-sized parts to racks for pickling or galvanizing

•Pull and place chains and ropes around steel bundles for racking

•Move lightweight pieces of steel by hand from different locations in the plant and yard

•Perform paddling functions to enhance the quality level of the various galvanized products using air guns to blow off zinc needles

•Use air or electric powered tools to help prepare or clean up steel for pickling or galvanizing

•Assist in general plant clean up and housekeeping

•Work safely, protecting self and others from accident and injury

Required Qualifications of Every Candidate:

•The ability to read and follow written and verbal instructions

•The ability to accurately read a tape measure

•The ability to communicate problems or needs to departmental supervision

•The ability to lift up to 50 pounds from ground to shoulder height or higher

•Must be a physically able to stand for long periods of time (length of shift) in open air environment; wear PPE; maintain safe work environment

•Must have a high awareness for safety at all times

•Must be a person of passion and integrity who has the drive to excel and deliver exceptional results

 Highly qualified candidates will also possess:

•High School Diploma or GED equivalent

•Six months of previous experience in a galvanizing position

•Six months of previous experience with hand tools and gauges including impact wrenches, air grinders, drills, taps, oxygen acetylene torches, and mill gauges

•Six months of previous experience operating a bridge crane

•The ability to communicate and interact with coworkers in a positive manner

•The ability to pay attention to detail and follow work instructions 

•Certification of heavy equipment operation including forklift


Educational Background

Must be able to read and follow written and verbal instructions.  Requires adding and subtracting of whole numbers.  Must understand the general quality requirements of finished product.  Must possess adequate communication skills to work efficiently from verbal instructions given by departmental supervision.  Must have a working knowledge of production hand tools and gauges to include: impact wrenches, air grinders, drills, taps, oxygen acetylene torches and mill gauges.

Job Training Skill Development

Material Handler will be fully trained when entering this position.  Material Handler starts as General Shop Help, which provides all of the necessary training.

Decision Making

Will monitor work for an acceptable level of quality.  This requires a conscientious effort on the part of the employee as the quality/work instructions that govern their work are for the most part visual and functional in nature, not well defined in terms of tolerances, thickness, etc.  Working from these visual standards the employee is continually required to judge the aesthetic and functional qualities of their work and may request additional opinions from departmental supervision when in doubt.  Must communicate problems and/or needs to departmental supervision to aid in the maximum utilization of equipment, material and human resources.


Physical Effort

Material Handler will be required to spend 100% of the time standing, kneeling, bending and lifting while processing parts that average from 25-30 pounds.

Continual visual inspection of all parts processed by them to ensure an acceptable level of quality.  Material Handler will spend approximately 20% of his / her time processing truss rods or truss angle.  Must require sufficient eye / hand coordination to align holes in the work pieces with the 3/8’ hook on the production fixture at the rate of approximately five per minute.  When paddling, must be able to coordinate the skimming of ash with the withdrawal of the work to provide a quality surface.

Valmont does not discriminate against any employee or applicant in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, genetic information, veteran status, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.  Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

If you have a disability and require any assistance in filling out the application for employment email


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