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Date Posted: 1/30/2018

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1700 S Beemer West Point Nebraska 68788-4600

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This position is responsible for the direction, coordination and control of the plants galvanizing operation to ensure efficiency and profit for the company.

Essential Job Functions:

This position will manage the use of plant resources and facilitate Lean and Valmont Way initiatives to assure that all plant operations are meeting or exceeding safety, quality and production goals as set or agreed to by the General Manager. This person will also be responsible for facilitating compliance with environmental and safety requirements as specified by corporate policy and governmental regulation.

Non-Essential Job Functions:

This position will help facilitate positive customer relations through the services of quality coated product and on-time delivery.


This Manager heads the operations of one organization of many within the Parent Company.  Each of the organizations under the Parent Company is directly managed by the General Manager to whom the Production Manager reports.  The Production Manager oversees the overall operations of the plant.  The person in this position focuses directly on the areas of safety, quality, production and environmental protection.  The Production Manager leads a production force dedicated to servicing its customers while maintaining cost effective methods of production in a safe work environment, using Lean/Valmont Way tools and initiatives to foster continuous improvement. 

A major objective for the incumbent is being profitable in the operation of the plants resources.  The Production Manager is directly responsible for the production and efficiency of the plant.  Production reports and other analytical reports are used by the incumbent to better gauge the performance of the plant and to make decisions to positively affect results.   To obtain optimum efficiency and production, the Production Manager must effectively utilize manpower and other available resources.  The Production Manager is ultimately responsible for maintaining manpower requirements through proper staffing, training and development of production employees, supervisors and other technical personnel.  The incumbent works with the General Manager to establish or modify the employee pay system and incentive opportunities.  The incumbent is also accountable for the review and control of operation expense for raw materials, operating supplies and equipment.

The incumbent must lead the safety program within the plant.  The incumbent insures that all safety policies are in conformance to government regulation and corporate guidelines.  On an ongoing basis, the Production Manager will meet with the General Manager to assist in formulation or recommendation of policies, procedures, and practices that will ensure the safety of the company and its employees.  In addition to meetings with the General Manager, the Production Manager will participate and guide the plant safety teams.  On an annual basis, the Production Manager will participate on leadership teams which will formulate objectives and review the results of the plants safety and environmental programs.  It is the responsibility of the Production Manager to ensure that the objectives are met as outlined on these plans.  Any reports due to regulatory or inter-company departments concerning safety issues are the responsibility of the Production Manager.

The attention to quality and customer service is a key responsibility for the Production Manager.  The Manager must insure that customer’s requirements and needs are being fulfilled.  A value based, timely completion of customer’s material to quality specification achieves this satisfaction.  The incumbent is consistently in contact with customers to better communicate and understand scheduling and project requirements.  Building customer relationships through positive interaction and service is a mandatory responsibility of the Production Manager.

As Emergency Coordinator, this employee will respond to chemical releases and serve as Incident Commander as needed.  The employee has the responsibility to understand OSHA hazard communication, spill response, and basic waste management procedures. The employee must be familiar with the site chemical hazards and the site Release Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan. The employee must receive HAZWOPER training (technician level).

As Production Manager, this employee is responsible for awareness of all environmental programs at the facility.  Responsibility includes ensuring compliance with environmental permits or other applicable authorizations and regulations and day to day execution of compliance-related tasks.

The incumbent is required to possess a working knowledge of environmental permit conditions relevant to the facility, basic knowledge of regulatory requirements how to identify and and manage to regulations.  Such knowledge may be gained through any combination of formal education, field experience or training seminars that assist the incumbent in demonstrating proficiency in the knowledge required above.  Specific training required includes:

  • 24-hour hazardous material technician level training (annual 8-hour refreshers)
  • DOT Hazardous Material Training  (every 3 years)
  • Hazardous Waste Management Training (annually)


Plan and develop plant personnel to produce maximum efficiency and utilization of available resources.

Select, train, develop and motivate an effective staff to assure the profitable attainment of present and future safety, production, quality and service objectives.

Follow the direction of the General Manager in developing and implementing policies and strategies consistent with regulatory and inter-company procedures to provide for maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the plant.

Review and analyze performance and implement change where and when necessary to control productivity and company risk. Facilitate Lean/Valmont Way initiatives to foster continuous improvement.

Follow the budget plan as set forth by the General Manager to minimize cost of raw material, operating supplies, labor and other operating related expense.

Advise and assist the General Manager, executive management and other departmental units in special projects and problems affecting company productivity.

Maintain positive customer relations to ensure future business and protect company interest.

Maintain production schedule and allocate needed manpower as deemed necessary.

Lead the plant safety program which includes: focusing on the drivers as outlined in the site safety index and corporate safety review, outlining safety performance measures and giving feed back to supervisors and safety coordinator, provide support and resources for completion of SBO plans.  

Ensure that shipping department/scheduling is maintained and efficient.


The Employee will spend some part of their daily time in a typical office environment while indoors.  Employee may also be exposed to wet and/ or humid conditions, non-toxic fumes and airborne particles, blowing dust, toxic or caustic chemicals, proximity to extreme heat and moving mechanical parts.  Under-roof plant conditions allow protections from the weather, but not necessarily from temperature changes.  Some outside work requires involving exposure to environmental conditions.     


  • Associate's Degree from a tech school or two years of college
  • Two years of supervisory or management experience in an industrial environment
  • Proven track record in lean manufacturing principles including standard work, continuous improvement, problem resolution and delivery of results positively affecting the bottom line of the organization
  • The ability to work in a cooperative manner and communicate effectively with all levels of the organization
  • The ability to recognize hazardous substances and to know basic employee responsibilities for chemical safety
  • The ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedural manuals
  • The ability to recognize and solve practical problems or issues
  • The availability to travel at least 20% of the time
  • Must be a person of passion and integrity who has the drive to excel and deliver exceptional results

Valmont Industries, Inc., Code of Business Conduct (Summary of Policy Requirements for this Position):

Valmont’s reputation as a Company is one of our most important assets.  This means all of our dealings must be legal and ethical and must not in any way compromise Valmont’s interests, its policies or its reputation for high standards of business conduct.  Employees are responsible for monitoring and reporting any unlawful or unethical conduct or activities by others that violate Valmont’s Code of Business Conduct to the Business Conduct Officer.

In this position, it is your responsibility to be a guardian of Valmont’s good name.  If uncertainties occur, seek guidance from people identified in the Valmont Industries, Inc., Code of Business Conduct Policy.  In general, these are the requirements as they pertain to this position:

  • Unethical Actions: Maintain an attitude that unlawful or unethical actions are not acceptable.
  • Fair and Equitable Treatment:  Treat all employees fairly and with respect.  Report any harassment of any employee by anyone, including managers, co-workers, vendors or customers.  As a manager, you are required to select and place employees on the basis of their qualifications for the work to be performed.
  • Diversity and Equal Opportunity:  Value the differences each individual brings to the workplace and welcome diversity within our workforce.  As a manager, ensure that applicants and employees are afforded equal opportunity in employment.  Support and obey laws that prohibit discrimination.
  • Employee Health and Safety:  Maintain a safe and healthy workplace.  Report all accidents and injuries, unsafe equipment, practices or conditions and work to correct these immediately. Report any instance of violent or threatening behavior.  Come to work free from the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, and make management or Human Resources aware if unable to work or operate equipment safely.  Get along with, and work well with, others.
  • Protect Valmont’s Assets and Opportunities:  Report theft, embezzlement or misappropriation of Valmont property by any employee.  Do not use company property, information or position for improper personal gain.

  • Conflicts of Interest:  Make business decisions based on the best interests of the Company and not based upon personal relationship or benefits.  Disclose any situations that may involve conflicts of interest.
  • Confidential Information:  Maintain confidentially all non-public information that might be of use to competitors, or harmful to Valmont or its customers.
  • Purchasing and Selling Products:  Purchase/sell materials for the Company solely upon their merits.

  • Business Entertainment:  Consult your manager if you are offered any gift or entertainment opportunity by a customer or vendor.  As a manager, ensure that your direct reports are aware of the acceptable parameters for gifts in the Code of Business Conduct and that it is their responsibility to advise you of gifts they have been offered.

  • Dealings with Competitors:  Do not engage in any conduct inconsistent with the laws of competition.  Do not direct or condone anyone else to do so. Report all instances of indiscretion.
  • Accurate Books and Records:  Ensure that all financial and accounting entries are accurate and reflect the transactions described by supporting documents, including all payroll records.  The incumbent is personally responsible for the integrity of this information.  Ensure that accounting records conform to generally accepted accounting principles.  Consult site management and/or the Global Coatings Division Controller, if you have any questions.
  • Inside Information:  Valmont policy and US Federal law prohibits insiders from trading securities while in possession of material non-public information or disclosing this information to any person outside of Valmont until it has been made public.
  • Media Inquiries:  Refer all public requests for information to the Manager of Investor Relations or the Chief Financial Officer as listed in the Code of Business Conduct.
  • Compliance with Laws:  Conduct business on behalf of the Company in full compliance with the laws of the many jurisdictions in which we operate.
  • Political Activities: Ensure that Valmont assets are not used in monetary payments, and that employees’ work time or use of Valmont premises or equipment are also not used in political or government activities.
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act:  Ensure that no offering of anything of value, promise to pay or authorization of payment of money to government officials, parties or candidates for the purpose of influencing the acts or decisions of foreign officials occurs.  As a manager, it is your responsibility to follow and monitor such compliance.
  • International Trade Regulations: All employees must comply with the laws of the country in which they operate as well as the US laws and regulations which apply to the conduct of business outside the US.  Compliance with embargoes and trade restrictions restricts our ability to transact business with certain foreign countries.   Ensure actions which cannot be taken directly are not arranged through third parties.  Report concerns as appropriate.
  • No Retaliation:  Ensure employees who bring business concerns to your attention, or to the attention of management, are not retaliated against.  Report any concerns of retaliation. As a manager, it is your responsibility to take all claims of inappropriate conduct seriously, report these concerns to your site Human Resources Representative, and to investigate fully.
  • Investigations:  Provide truthful information and cooperate fully in an investigation.
  • Reporting Unlawful Conduct or Unethical Behavior:  Report these immediately to management and the Business Conduct Officer as outlined in the Valmont Code of Business Conduct Policy.

  • Direct Report Compliance:  As a manager of others, ensure that your direct reports are familiar with and understand the provisions of the Valmont Industries, Inc., Code of Business Conduct as it relates to the work that they perform.

  • The Valmont Way:  Provide executive leadership and direction through the Valmont Way program.

  • Resources and Training:  Responsible for determining resource requirements, training needs and internal control procedures that address relevant objectives.

  • Internal Controls:  Make recommendations on controls, monitor their application with process and provide accountability to senior management for responsibilities in internal control.

  • Professionals: Maintain appropriate professional competencies and evaluate the capacity, staffing levels, and competency for he functional area’s personnel.  Ensure that reporting staff also maintains professional competencies, certifications and licenses that are a requirement of their position.  Provide training and development opportunities to direct reports, as appropriate.

Employees who violate Valmont’s Code of Business Conduct may be disciplined.  This may include severe consequences such as termination of employment, suspension from employment without pay, demotion, transfer, withholding of promotion, compensation increases, bonus payments, etc.  It may also include required reimbursement for related damages.  As a manager, it is your responsibility to enforce the provisions of the Code of Business Conduct and determine the appropriate level of disciplinary action to be taken if employees violate these provisions.

Valmont does not discriminate against any employee or applicant in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, genetic information, veteran status, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.

If you have a disability and require any assistance in filling out the application for employment, call (402) 963-1115 or email


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